Create beautiful embedded GUIs fast, easy and cost-efficiently

HTML, CSS and JavaScript is all you need

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Looking for a touchscreen?

Prototype, iterate, and go to market with our ready to use hardware

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Essential for businesses

Impress customers with vibrant interfaces and elevated user experience
Competitive advantage with a beautiful UI

While the competition for customers keeps getting tougher, get ahead by providing the most progressive and responsive UI to your clients. Designing interfaces for Pyxis is as flexible as for web pages and requires only HTML, CSS, and JS.

Extension, not a replacement

Pyxis can provide a UI in cooperation with another processor in a system. Let the built-in GPU do all the graphics, while your main processor focuses on the rest. The module can also replace old control panel with minimum or no changes to the existing firmware.

Easy localization and customization

With Pyxis localization is a breeze. Instead of manufacturing multiple market-specific variants of your product that differ only with localized labels, simply re-use your user interfaces. Moreover, let your users choose what they prefer in the settings.

Great for makers

Why Pyxis makes a big difference for the Makers Movement
Looks and feels great

Enhance any project with outstanding quality 7” display. It has high resolution 1920x1200, wide viewing angle, capacitive 5-point touch input and gestures support.

Build UI with HTML, CSS, JS

Create rich user interfaces with standard web tools and frameworks. No special license, or proprietary software required.

Easy to tinker

The system is good to go out of the box, no frustrating setup. Once your web page is ready, just plug Pyxis into your computer as a flash drive and copy the files. Done.

Raspberry Pi compatible

With Raspberry Pi in its core, Pyxis can run thousands of existing RPi projects. It is compatible with many HATs and add-ons on the market.

Powered by open-source

Core components are built with open-source software. The code will be available soon for download and modification.

Fully hackable, in a good sense

Pyxis software can be modified at any level from the operating system to JavaScript extensions. Whatever specific needs your project has, we have you covered.