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Get Your Projects Featured!

Get Your Projects Featured!

One of the exciting and inspiring parts of working on an embedded GUI solution is learning about different use cases. There’s really no limit to people’s imagination.
We’re seeing several application trends - information dashboards, educational projects, home, automotive, and farming automation. These projects are very diverse. We get inquiries from DYI makers, small startups, and companies that are building industrial automation.

We will start highlighting projects and products built with Pyxis SDK or display module on our blog. They can be anything from a custom photo frame to a soil health monitoring system. If you’d like to be featured, please email 

Pyxis SDK is based on Raspberry Pi OS and provides APIs and settings for simplified GUI development with HTML/JavaScript.
Pyxis Smart Display Module is a Raspberry Pi CM3+ carrier board integrated with a high-resolution display.

Image: Finviz Stockmap Frame