To start, you will need:
  • Pyxis display module
    • Power cord with USB on one side and 1.3 x 3.5 barrel connector on the other (included with the module)
    • Power supply capable of 3A at 5V (sold separately)
      • Wi-Fi USB dongle (sold separately)
      • Heatsink set (sold separately)
      The module comes with a pre-installed operating system. 

      Boot up

      1. Set the boot mode switch to the "normal" position:
        [ IMAGE COMING ]
      2. If you are planning on connecting your module to the network, we recommend plugging wireless dongle before powering the module.
        [ IMAGE COMING ]
      3. Plug in power and in several seconds splash screen should appear. Wait for the module to boot up (about 20 seconds) and you should see the welcome screen:
      4. On-screen instructions will guide you through the following setup steps:
      • Screen orientation
      • Wireless network connection (if available)
      • Date and time

      Run examples

      After setup is done, you should see the launcher screen that allows you to select one of the installed applications. The module comes with several pre-installed examples.
      [ IMAGE COMING ]
      Once the application is selected, you will be able to choose to load it every time the module boots or just once.

      What's next

      Now you are all set to start developing custom applications.