Pyxis R is a smart display module, powered by Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+. It has a high resolution 7” screen with multi-point capacitive touch input.

The display module can be used in several ways:

  • As the central brain of an embedded system, responsible for the user interface, as well as all the control logic. This is beneficial for systems without hard real-time requirements, especially those that are newly-designed or have an existing portable implementation of the control logic.
  • As an addition to another processor in retrofitted systems or systems with hard real-time requirements. This way, the display module encapsulates the View component of the Model-View-Controller architecture and allows a simple interface between the processor and the module.
  • As a standalone web-connected computer with touchscreen for applications like info kiosks and digital signage.

Development kits are now available in our online store or through authorized distributors. Dev kits include the module with all the necessary software pre-installed, so you can immediately focus on the GUI design that is specific to your project. All you need is to create it as a web application and copy your files to the module through USB flash drive or cloud storage.

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3D Model

Pyxian OS image for Pyxis R (built 2021-02-25)

Raspberry Pi OS Lite image for Pyxis R (built 2021-02-26)

Raspberry Pi OS Desktop image for Pyxis R (built 2021-02-26)