Pyxis 7" Smart Display Module Dev Kit

Pyxis 7" Smart Display Module Dev Kit

Pyxis 7" Smart Display Module Dev Kit


Pyxis is a smart display module, powered by Raspberry Pi CM 3+. It has a high resolution 7” touchscreen, with multi-point capacitive touch input. 

All necessary software is already pre-installed, so you can immediately focus on the GUI design that is specific to your project. All you need is to create it as a web application and copy your files to the module through USB or cloud storage (requires Wi-Fi dongle).

Our JavaScript APIs allow you to access hardware peripherals and use UART, GPIO, SPI, I2C, and PWM right from your web-page.

Dev kit includes:

  • Pyxis R display module (with Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+, 8Gb and heat sink)
  • Pyxis software
  • USB Wi-Fi adapter
  • Power supply
  • Power cord

Technical Specifications

  • Screen

    - 7 inch, high quality IPS display. 
    - 1920x1200 resolution.
    - Multi-point capacitive touch input.

  • Hardware

    Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+:
    - Quad-core Cortex-A53 (ARMv8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.4GHz CPU
    - Broadcom VideoCore IV @ 400Mhz GPU
    - 8Gb flash and 1Gb RAM

  • Software

    Web engine for applications:
    - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
    - HW accelerated 3D graphics and video.
    - Access to hardware with JavaScript APIs.

  • Interfaces

    - 40-pin Raspberry Pi GPIO header: GPIO, UART, SPI, I2C.
    - 1 USB 2.0 port.
    - Speaker output.
    - 5V/3A DC power input.